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Mayan Riviera Vacations from Toronto

Mayan Riviera Summary
Stop, look and listen...you will find that this will be a common occurrence when you choose one of the Mayan Riviera Vacation Packages from Toronto and leave for Mexico!
The Mayan Riviera is a cornucopia of lively sounds, sights and flavours...all waiting for you to experience. You want a full itinerary when you go on vacation and nowhere can provide that to you better than the Mayan Riviera! Make sure you bring a very comfortable pair of shoes because your feet will not be able to stay still for very long!
Mayan Riviera Accomodations
When a boutique hotel is your number one favourite place to call temporary home, then the Magic Blue (4-star) boutique hotel in Playa Del Carmen is going to delight you each day thoroughly. If you desire more seclusion with your accommodation, then the Azulik Hotel & Mayan Spa is not only on a deserted beach in the Tulum area, it is magical (and very close to the Mayan ruins attractions).
Mayan Riviera Climate
Did you know that you can still do the cha-cha in the rain? When visiting the Mayan Riviera, you have a tropical climate that entails a dry and wet season. May to October is the wet season and November to April is the dry season, but with average temperatures of 19 – 38+ degrees Celsius, the probability of rain will not dampen your vacation.
Mayan Riviera Exploration
Go ahead, treat yourself...by taking the Mayan Riviera Sunset Cruise! If you want to go fishing, see the Pesca Maya fishing outfit. Want to just have fun? If so, make your way to the Xplor Adventure Park from Playa Del Carmen or take the sightseeing tour Xcaret Day Trip from Playa Del Carmen (outdoorsy, nature and history lovers will really enjoy this!). For really authentic Mayan foods, you should eat a meal at Yaxche in Playa Del Carmen.
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