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Mayan Riviera Vacations

Mayan Riviera Vacations

Mayan Riviera Vacation Packages drops you smack-dab in the heart of the Mayan culture. Even though the Mayan culture is a shadow of its former self, the ruins they’ve left behind can still be viewed in grandiose increments all over the Riviera Maya (also called the Mayan Riviera).
Playa del Carmen is an extremely well-known city, as is the city of Tulum, and the Riviera Maya essentially sits mostly between these two cities, with the island of Cozumel just off the coast.
The Riviera Maya is highly lacking in any sort of crime, but you’d still be smart to keep your personals and valuables hidden from the view of others, just to be on the safe side.
Even before it was renamed from Cancun-Tulum Corridor to Riviera Maya, Riviera Maya was extremely famous for its all-inclusive resorts and sprawling beachside. Mayan Riviera Vacation Packages will show you that this place has long been Mexico’s center of resorts and tourism, but as the rest of Mexico gained great popularity, one would think that the Riviera Maya would’ve started getting ignored, but no!
Even to this very day, the region is still just as thriving as before, if not more so.
Mayan Riviera Vacations show you that, way back when, the Mayan people had a sense of grandeur, not just in their architectural feats, but also in their real estate. In Tulum, you can find several ancient Mayan Ruins that sit on the edges of the cliffs, overlooking the sea. If these Mayan Ruins were still in use, they would provide a breathtaking view.
Other such places you can come across are Grupo Nohoch Mul, Grupo de las Pinturas, Coba Ruins, Grupo Coba, Jardin Botanico Yaax Che, Grupo Macanxoc, Juego de Pelota, Centro Ecologico Akumal, Xaibe, among many others in the region that are left to you for exploring via tours and personal adventures.
As with the rest of Mexico, Vacation Packages in Mayan Riviera will allow you to sample real, authentic Mexican cuisine in all of its aspects.
Sharing its cuisine with the Yucatan, you’ll be able to eat such classics as Pibil (essentially, rubbing meats and smoking/cooking them over a fire pit), stuffed peppers, kibbeh (oddly, a Lebanese dish that made its way over here), salsa, tamales, and other foods that are often prepared alongside various anti-spoiling methods unique to the Yucatan and the Riviera Maya, such as salt rubbing (even Pibil itself is a form of preservation).
Vacations in Mayan Riviera treat you to an intoxicating nightlife that lights up the Riviera with life. At night, the clubs and bars open, and the people of the Riviera Maya either go in for a night on the town, or they stay outside, building campfires and having raucously entertaining parties (with a good deal of drinking and storytelling involved...the legitimacy of these stories are purely influenced by the amount of alcohol consumed). Such places for the indoor night crawler are: Fusion, Curandero, Bara Bara, Blue Parrot Bar, Caiman, Cheers, Playa 69, Que Hora Es, La Fe, and La Santanera, along with many bright and cheerful others.

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